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After a few meetings Francois-Henry told me very directly, as he is accustomed to, "OK, this is enough, why aren't you wearing a woman's watch, when you love jewelry and are feminine? Why don't you wear one of our women watches? I responded, similarly directly, that I did not like the women's Audemars Piguet watches. They were not what I wanted as a female, nor was it something I thought most women would want. "He asked me if I thought I could do better, and I replied yes."

Rolex Replica is a long-time watch replica watches She developed her interest organically. Her great-grandfather repaired pocket watches, and this love of timepieces and respect for them was passed on to her father.

She admits, "For me however, watches are really about aesthetics." "I like the complications but I'm more attracted to the shape and the way it fits my wrist." It's all about balance and design. "I have never thought of watches as merely a way to tell time, but rather as an accessory that adds to my personal style."

Rolex Replica is not happy with the way women's watches are designed, made and sold. She feels they have always been presented as delicate, pink, and covered in diamonds. "A woman's timepiece should be something she can wear every day. "The watch is an extension of our style, and it must fit perfectly with the jewelry," she says. The jewelry is always on the wrist, so my watch must complement and not be too contrasted with it. The Royal Oak is a perfect fit for this.

Rolex Replica, in response to Bennahmias' challenge, immediately thought of her signature technique: the Florentine Finish. Rolex Replica has been using this ancient technique on her jewelry since years. It is achieved by a diamond-tipped instrument that beats the gold to create tiny indentations.

She explains, "I wanted to give the Royal Oak an feminine touch, while retaining its masculine proportions and dimensions designed by Gerald Genta." "I did not want to change anything about the watch, but I also didn't add anything.Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica I just wanted to reimagine. I wanted to create something that could be seen from across the room. Just like my original Royal Oak in New York. This finish was in stark contrast to the precision and perfection of the watch. The facets of the watch are never identical, which is something I really like. It was making a bold statement and giving Royal Oak some attitude."

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